Committed not Interested :)

8B099524-6865-41D6-98BF-15024BF3CB14Since ever I remember , I was super interested to become something in life . Not that I have become 😉

work is in progress 🙂 to becoming !

Yeah ! What I meant was I was super interested , super ambitious but I was not willing to take actions to becoming what I desired. I would simply see the benchmarks and would wonder what magic wand they had to be what they are today. And I was looking for that magic wand , not wanting to do anything much but wanting it to happen . And that’s where I was failing and losing tracks , and would find myself standing in square one.

I wasn’t also happy to be in the square one condition , but I wasn’t willing to commit to my life or my career because that required showing up and stepping out and up from the comfort couch. I was awaiting for some magic to happen. Alas! I was becoming frustrated to death every passing day untill this realisation dawned upon me that I would have to choose commiting to my life no matter what.

When I was interested in becoming a life coach, I would take a break when I felt low or if someone criticised me , I wouldn’t work , or if someone disappointed me I would cancel the meeting or if my heart said let’s watch a movie , I would be cancelling or stopping what I was required to do . And then I would keep playing victim hood and playing the blame game of how each one and how each situation was responsible for my not able to do much in life or low achievements.

Please know, in the above mentioned scenario I was just interested in becoming the life coach. I wasn’t committed.

then I stopped one day and asked myself what’s stopping me from being what I wish to be . And I started studying people who have achieved success or have become the celebrities in their industries. What I got to know was that they all were taking of one common denominator for their grand and glorious success story. And that was COMMITMENT TO CREATING THEIR LIFE.

Though I didn’t understand what commitment meant in the first go . Nevertheless , something was shifting . I could see clearly that I wasn’t ready to confine to where I was and I was ready to make changes to be what I had always desired

hence I started studying about commitment . And what was I lacking in my space to stay committed

that’s when I knew the truth of successful people. That They ain’t blessed , they weren’t given some magic wand . But they committed themselves to what they desired to becomeni matter how tough the situations were , no matter how afraid they were, no matter how many times they failed , no matter how alone they stood , no matter … what , they were committed to what was supposed to be done moment by moment untill they became that. Nothing could shake them or deviate them from their purpose of life.

And that day I promised myself to get committed to my life, to creating my dream life, to inspire people to know that they know. And I started showing up and not wavering or changing paths just because something went wrong in other part of my life.

If I had thought to be somewhere , I would abide by. No matter what

and the day I started committing  , my life showed up magically the way I had always desired 😍 for I wasn’t operating from interest and I had closed all back Door deviating entries of blame, shame, embarrassment, guilt, hurt, anger , jealousy , fear etc . And stayed committed no matter what.

Commitement to life is about fulfilling your promises each moment of your life.

While in interest you would make excuses, commitment is excuse-free.

You earn success by commiting to excellence. 8B099524-6865-41D6-98BF-15024BF3CB14



Love – The food of the Soul

E8BED494-AA07-4D8A-BBEB-BA8875984AC4.jpegFood is the survival for the body and Love is the food for the Soul. Hence food and love are interconnected to each other. By the way this is where the emotional eating comes from.

this love which is the food of the soul, keeps us seeking and wandering.

Soul grows , evolves , matures in love. And this love seeking starts at the physical level, then goes to the level of feelings before it actually reaches the soul. Unless you are meditating, where it starts at soul level and which never fades away.

What is this seeking about ? What are we craving for ? Yearning for ? What is making us wander ? Look for serendipity , look for signs of connectedness.

The true seeking is the seeking of the soul itself. Where the ego disappears. A place of  no seperation and complete oneness.

Have you noticed, when you are in love, everything appears so beautiful , you become connected to nature, you are ignorant of criticisms , you start loving yourself , caring for yourself , dressing up, the separation disappears, there is some kind of oneness which you feel , which is beyond words . And when you be with your partner , and when in love you make  love with your partner, the veils of separation disappears introducing you to moments of deep silence where you are nothing but one . Here the separation disappears with the experience of oneness of you and your partner.

These few moments of oneness in this silence is what we seek .unfortunately, the oneness experienced here is temporary. That’s why we keep desiring it more.

And this same experience of oneness  can keep expanding from few seconds to few minutes to few hours when you are meditating. Here the oneness is between you and the entire existence. The evils of ego completely disappears and what remains is YOU and YOUR oneness with All That Is. This remains permanent

the whole idea is to dissolve your ego and just remain the YOU. And be the unconditional love which you truly are. This can either be experienced by being in love with someone or Meditating . Both would lead to being oneness and dropping all the evils of separation.






And the grass grows by itself …

992C667B-24FC-4B2C-A8C6-B0F17F0A5305When I first read about witnessing or watchfulness a decade back, I knew this is what I was looking for. Since I was 5 years  I loved meditating  , I would love to sit with myself for hours, listening to the instrumentals or guided meditation commentaries or pray. Alas! I was not enjoying the method. And as I was growing my inquisitiveness to know the right technique or to understand what meditation is , was intensifying. I knew I wasn’t doing something right. Because even after hours of meditation I would not feel good or happy or joyous.

A decade back I read about watchfulness, the first step of meditation. And my heart knew this was my technique. And not knowing much, I started diving deeply into what watchfulness was.

Watchfulness is actually a key to taking you beyond the mind, the last step of meditation.

Meditation is simple. It has nothing to do with music, external guidance , commentaries , chanting , praying , etc. Meditation is not an action. Meditation means simply being present to all that is occurring as it is occurring so that you come out of the incessant chatter of your mind. It’s the mind which is the cause of all the suffering and misery . Meditation takes you out of the chatter of the mind by being watchful of it.

In other words , meditation starts with watchfulness. Being watchful of all that you can watch and knowing the one who’s is watching is you . Being watchful of everything you can watch and knowing that all that you can watch is not you but separate form you. This awareness that all that you are watching is not you , is separate from you , slowly starts to take you out of the jails of your mind.

You can watch your body , hence you ain’t your body

You can watch your thoughts, that means you are not your thoughts

and because you can watch your feelings or emotions , you ain’t even your feelings or emotions

you are the observer , the watcher , who’s separate from your body , thoughts , feelings or emotions . This experience of watching the separation between you and your body/thoughts/feelings or emotions , push you into a space of nothingness , introducing you to the true you.

The more you stay watchful , the more you are not your mind or body and you would only be YOU  ( the observer or the watcher ) . This experience where you have come out of the affects of mind by watching it , and only you have remained is meditation.

when only you remain, you become in oneness with all that is.

And the grass grows by itself .

You simply watch.

If meditation is calling you out , take few moments where you are not disturbed , sit back and relax , start to watch . Watch your thoughts , and don’t try to stop them , don’t judge them . Just watch them . Let them come . Do not intervene in its coming or going , let them come as they are , you simply stay present as a witness . Simply watch. When you start to watch , you would notice them disappearing and you  will experience the space of nothingness where nothing but only you are present as a witness,

this is meditation

Where nothing else exists , except YOU .

Because here the grass grows by itself 🙂







Happiness is a Choice

D5069C76-2246-4439-9902-D8CD5D7C6ECC.jpegSince ever I had always been unhappy with who I was for I felt happiness comes with becoming more.

Back then in my school days I felt that happpiness would only come with the best of education. So I went into masters in retail post doing textile engineering. When I was in last year of my school, I wasn’t happy and I felt I would be happy once I get into engineering college. I was there, yet I wasn’t happy . Then I felt maybe the happiness would come post doing Masters in the same field, so I did Retail Management Program. I wasn’t yet happy. Then I thought maybe happiness comes when you are employed in a good organisation. I also got placed through campus. I wasn’t still happy. I felt I am not good enough and I have to learn more to be good enough and worthy before I can taste happiness. And in the meantime , I got engaged , my husband asked me to join him in his business as brand strategist, well I was after a long time happy to have the designation of brand strategist. Well we started , and I found I wasn’t happy.

This was the first time something hit me hard, and I knew I wasn’t heading in the right direction. This is when I did a bit of research on understanding what happiness is all about. Where do I get happiness . What is happiness . Is it a byproduct or is it the catalyst ? When I sat with myself , I realised I wasn’t doing what I love doing. I loved empowering people. For the first time I was super happy after ages just with the idea that this is what I would love to do in my life.

i was happy and the journey started.

Happiness is not the byproduct. Happiness is a choice which you have to make every moment by doing things which you love doing.

Happiness is within us. We need not to become more , to be happy. You can be happy first and become more .

Happiness is the beginning not the end.

Wisps & Whispers

Everything in your life whispers and invites you to see how beautiful you are. Each whisper says stop – don’t listen to the lies which are separating you from you. Listen to me . I will show you what an impeccable beauty you are. Those whispers like a soft breeze keep touching your heart and say let’s now return home , let’s now see the magnificence you truly were born as and how precious you are.

Alas! Rarest of the rare listen to these wisps and whispers. These whispers are the keynotes to creating the symphony of your life.

Would you like to listen to these whispers?

With all my heart, I would love to share ways of how I started listening to these whispers and how that changed the course of my life.

1. Light/Heavy : anytime you feel light is when you are choosing what’s true for you and the moment you feel heavy , stop and know that what you have chosen isn’t  for you.

2. Breath : the breath is the connection between your body and the soul. The tone , the note, the pitch of the breath says a lot about what’s going on in your mind . It’s said there is a direct correlation between your thoughts and the breath. So keep coming back to breathing consciously for few minutes every hour. This will give you clarity about your own self. Your breath is fast and shallow when you are thinking anger, it’s rhythmic and deep when you are thinking peace.

3. Your life : your reality is nothing but a reflection of who you are . So if something is not in the direction as you desired, know that somewhere within you are creating that , life is nothing but a simple reflection

when we start to listen to these whispers which come through many ways, we become aware of what’s limiting us / stopping us from creating the relaity we desire. And this awareness and the acknowledgment of this awarenesses are the first steps to change.

Do listen to the tiny voice within you which says just do it for you are born to do it .

Much love

Living life in 10 seconds increments


I had been living life as if I was run by a cybernetic system, each day I would get up cranky and would create so many resolutions to being the change. Would read books , watch motivational speakers talk about living life positively, wander to find out which course or book would give the direction to live a new reality which only I knew was possible . I was tired of being run on an automated mode and unable to change no matter how much I planned . All my energies would just end up in planning , and when it was time to execute I would sleep to sadness of wasting one more day. I didn’t realise that even then I was choosing more , untill I did start asking for more to show up from life , untill I started living in this now moment and choosing from the space of lightness in that moment , and there is no looking back. So much in gratitude of the choices I have made and are making .

Living in ten second increments means to be in present moment and live it to its fullest potential. No regrets on the choices you made in those ten seconds .

One of the ways to explore more on living ten seconds is being in question : if I had ten seconds to live the rest of my life what would I choose. Ask this and then go silent . Within sometime you will start choosing things which you really desire to choose but haven’t been able to choose and create because of your judgments, conclusions, limitations etc . When we stay in question , it opens up doors of Possibilities which never existed before. I use this question a couple of times every day and the way things show up is beyond explanation.

Play with this question : If I have ten seconds to live the rest of my life , what would I choose or create . And then don’t look for an answer . Just stay silent . Bask in the energy pervading the question and let the universe do the work to get it manifested for you.

Tools credit : Access Consciousness

Picture credit : Ekta Bhaskar


you create your reality

99.999999999 percent of the times, which means the entire life, we spend thinking and believing that if the people, situations, and events need to change in order for me and my life to get better. trust me that wont ever happen.

because our points of view create our reality.

our reality do not create our points of view.

what will it take for you to choose joy to create the joy of living. its about a choice

we can either choose to waste our time sulking of why its not working, or create something else with one step of being.

choose what you desire by changing your point of view and your reality will change.