The Everlasting Quest: Who Am I?

The 21st century has gifted mankind the most advanced technologies, growing independence and wealth, making the common man’s life extremely easy, so easy that everything happens with a click of the finger. Yet, we run short of time, forget others, even for ourselves. We are all chasing something madly every day, all week, all month, all year and all our lives. And comes the moment, when we sit back and our inner quest starts triggering to discover the reality, to seek the truth, and understand the very basic question – Who AM I?

Let’s go step by step to understand the basic yet the most important question

Am I Mr./Ms. XYZ?

Am I a doctor/engineer/entrepreneur?

Am I a Daughter/Sister/Wife/Mother?

No. You are not. The moment you were born, you did not have any name, your profession tag got added much later, your relationships too kept growing with time but YOU existed in those first few moments.

So, who are you? this body – no, it is your instrument, you never say me body, instead you say my body, my hands, my legs, etc. I am different from this body. This body is my instrument. I am an energy which uses this instrument to create thoughts, which leads to actions and hence results.

I am the spirit. I have all the energies to get abundance in my life. I am complete. I have all the powers to tap the untapped. I am a magnet.

Ask YOURSELF – Who are You? Repeat the question over and over again till you get to the point.

You have unlimited power within you. It is just about realizing it. Stop for a minute and awaken to realize the hidden potential lying in your inner world.

2 thoughts on “The Everlasting Quest: Who Am I?

  1. If this basic fact of life is understood by all, the world is going to become heaven, but sorry who cares !!. Angels,nor Devils could understand this, So live like a good human being.

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