Powers of the sleeping mind

In the previous post, I mentioned that we have two unique functional parts within our mind, the one is the conscious mind or the active mind and the other is the subconscious mind or the sleeping mind.

When the conscious mind is active, the subconscious mind sleeps and vice versa. The conscious mind gives the power to accept or reject the thoughts based on our upbringing, value system, past life assimilated thinking and  our outside environment factors. Whereas, the subconscious or the sleeping mind only accepts whatever has been dished by the conscious. Like an obedient man, it simply accepts, it doesn’t question your inputs in terms of thoughts or images. It will start working on the inputs we are sending time and again whether constructive or destructive without argument and gives us the results in terms of what we experience in our daily lives.

It is very important to understand that we are the creator. Like a gardener, we plant seeds of thoughts on the most fertile soil of our subconscious mind that in return will produce all kinds of fruits – sour or sweet depends on the type of seed we have sown.

Thought is a cause and experience is an effect.

Please remember

be it success or failure

be it dependence or independence

be it illness or perfect health

be it love or hatred

you have created whatever you have. You have the power to change it too, because remember, these are just thoughts and they can be changed.

Transform your life by changing your thoughts.

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