Bhagavad Gita Verse 1 – “What did they?”

Verse 1

Dhritrashtra said:

“On the holy plain of Kurukshetra (dharamshetra kurukshetra), when my offspring and the sons of Pandu had gathered together, what did they, O Sanjaya?”

First and foremost, it is important to understand that this battle mentioned in  Verse 1 of Bhagavad Gita was introduced by the great rishi Vyasa who blessed Sanjaya to see from a distance the events unfolding at the battlefield and narrate to the blind Dhritrashtra. So one should expect this verse to be in the present tense whereas the verse is intentionally narrated in the past tense of the verb( What did they?), this comes up as a hint to all of us that the Gita is referring this historical battle in Kurukshetra as an allegory. In true sense, Vyasa is referring to a righteous battle that rages everyday in one’s life, where one asks the impartial introspection to analyse the thoughts created by one’s mind through the day. Who won the battle between the negative and positive thoughts?

Had the great rishi wished to unfold the events as they were taking place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he would have had the Dhritrashtra speak to the messenger Sanjaya in the present tense : ” My children and the Pandu sons – what are they doing now?

Hence, we must learn that this is just a metaphoric enquiry made by an aspirant every night by his impartial introspection to.assess who is leading the battle , the positive thought forces – sons of Pandu or the negative thought forces – offspring of Dhritrashtra?

Ask yourself every night – who is winning on your battlefield – the good or the evil, the winner will reign and dictate your life and will bring to you the experiences of its dynasty. If negative thoughts have dominated your battlefield, you will experience more negative situations/things/people ruling your life.

And if you are oozing positive thoughts you will experience abundance and infinite riches following your life.

So, before sleeping, clear your daily account, by asking the following questions

who was leading between

  • Good and Bad tendencies
  • discipline or indulgence
  • modesty or the ego
  • knowledge or Ignorance
  • love or hatred
  • compassion or indifference
  • self-belief or doubt

As above , So below

As within, So without

Create your World through your thoughts. You are creator of your life. You are the powerhouse. Only you have the power and the key to change your World.


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