Maximise your potential

You are the master of your fate. And the tool is Thought.

Thought or a group of thoughts become beliefs or paradigms and they get stored on the rich fertile soil of your subconscious mind. Once they get laid there. Your life starts offering you experiences based on these paradigms which you created in your past. If they are not aligned to what you wish to get in your life. You can change them now. It’s simple. Just change your thoughts to ripe fruits of your taste and maximise your potential.

Steps to maximise your potential: Master Law of Attraction

1. Forget your past: it’s just a memory. It’s an experience stored in your mind. Nothing else. You get wavered when that past memory knocks you with it’s first thought and you get swayed with an array of thoughts of same situation integrated with intense feelings. In reality it’s no more there. Similar to memory of the dress you wore yesterday, the food you ate, that drive, these are all past memories, we give importance to some memories where someone did something to us, said something to us, some unhappy experience,  with repetitive thinking and by focussing relentlessly , we keep sticking to it and get swayed by it for hours, days without realising that we are not going to get anywhere no matter how long we think about it. So what’s the point. Stop it , forget it like you forgot how you brushed your teeth, how you reached your office. Stop wasting your time,effort, energy on what can’t come back. By focussing on your past, you are sowing seeds of more unlike , unhappy experiences.

2. Identify old paradigms: limiting beliefs which are held in your subconscious, responsible of what you think, act, do on daily basis.

3. Reverse with positive affirmations; Once you identify your old negative beliefs, it’s time to remove them and establish new positive beliefs aligned to your dreams with a set of new positive affirmation.

4. Elevate yourself at high energies: Love , Peace, Joy – these are feelings which elevate you to frequency of higher energies like excitement , euphoria, exhilarated

5. Gratitude: feel thankful for what you have, and it will multiply.


2 thoughts on “Maximise your potential

  1. It seems good while reading one wants to follow but it is very difficult to forget past totally no matter how much you try and if we don’t forget we can not move forward what a difficult situation

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