Music & Dance – A divine way to Bring in Balance

While I was waking up,I was longing for some music.
And when I played Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s Raaga, a divine experience started pouring within. Felt like sharing. Discovered the easiest way to bring in balance with Music and Dance. Everyone’s favourite

Music is a form of potential energy, it helps you move inwards and draw energy from the super consciousness.
Music is Breathing In Peace, Bliss,Joy, Trust, Positivity


Dance is a form of kinetic energy, it helps you express outwards and release what is not required.
Dance is Breathing Out Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurities, Negativity.

Now why am I sharing this. What’s the purpose.

These two techniques if you would incorporate in your daily lives, I feel you can start feeling and living life meaningfully again( if it’s at halt)
If your life is moving in the right direction, you can add a lot of spice and zeal to it with these practises.

So what you have to do
The days you feel you have extra work, and less time , stress, a lot of anxiety , nervousness – listen to music
Because you are in action. Kinetic energy is in work. You are draining . You are losing your reservoirs. So tap into music and you will see drawing and storing your lost energy back into place.

The days you feel you have no work, you feel lonely, sad, depressed, low – turn the music on high notes and start jumping and dancing.
Because you are sitting idle. You have a n extra dosage of energy which is not utilised in right direction, hence it starts becoming toxic and creates nuisance. Making you feel unwanted and what not. Here you need to release . And what better way than dancing

Music and Dance – the divine way of bringing in balance.

Really feeling Grateful to Pandit Ji:)

Walk this walk to win it.

Winning walk with

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