Living life in 10 seconds increments


I had been living life as if I was run by a cybernetic system, each day I would get up cranky and would create so many resolutions to being the change. Would read books , watch motivational speakers talk about living life positively, wander to find out which course or book would give the direction to live a new reality which only I knew was possible . I was tired of being run on an automated mode and unable to change no matter how much I planned . All my energies would just end up in planning , and when it was time to execute I would sleep to sadness of wasting one more day. I didn’t realise that even then I was choosing more , untill I did start asking for more to show up from life , untill I started living in this now moment and choosing from the space of lightness in that moment , and there is no looking back. So much in gratitude of the choices I have made and are making .

Living in ten second increments means to be in present moment and live it to its fullest potential. No regrets on the choices you made in those ten seconds .

One of the ways to explore more on living ten seconds is being in question : if I had ten seconds to live the rest of my life what would I choose. Ask this and then go silent . Within sometime you will start choosing things which you really desire to choose but haven’t been able to choose and create because of your judgments, conclusions, limitations etc . When we stay in question , it opens up doors of Possibilities which never existed before. I use this question a couple of times every day and the way things show up is beyond explanation.

Play with this question : If I have ten seconds to live the rest of my life , what would I choose or create . And then don’t look for an answer . Just stay silent . Bask in the energy pervading the question and let the universe do the work to get it manifested for you.

Tools credit : Access Consciousness

Picture credit : Ekta Bhaskar


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