Happiness is a Choice

D5069C76-2246-4439-9902-D8CD5D7C6ECC.jpegSince ever I had always been unhappy with who I was for I felt happiness comes with becoming more.

Back then in my school days I felt that happpiness would only come with the best of education. So I went into masters in retail post doing textile engineering. When I was in last year of my school, I wasn’t happy and I felt I would be happy once I get into engineering college. I was there, yet I wasn’t happy . Then I felt maybe the happiness would come post doing Masters in the same field, so I did Retail Management Program. I wasn’t yet happy. Then I thought maybe happiness comes when you are employed in a good organisation. I also got placed through campus. I wasn’t still happy. I felt I am not good enough and I have to learn more to be good enough and worthy before I can taste happiness. And in the meantime , I got engaged , my husband asked me to join him in his business as brand strategist, well I was after a long time happy to have the designation of brand strategist. Well we started , and I found I wasn’t happy.

This was the first time something hit me hard, and I knew I wasn’t heading in the right direction. This is when I did a bit of research on understanding what happiness is all about. Where do I get happiness . What is happiness . Is it a byproduct or is it the catalyst ? When I sat with myself , I realised I wasn’t doing what I love doing. I loved empowering people. For the first time I was super happy after ages just with the idea that this is what I would love to do in my life.

i was happy and the journey started.

Happiness is not the byproduct. Happiness is a choice which you have to make every moment by doing things which you love doing.

Happiness is within us. We need not to become more , to be happy. You can be happy first and become more .

Happiness is the beginning not the end.

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