Committed not Interested :)

8B099524-6865-41D6-98BF-15024BF3CB14Since ever I remember , I was super interested to become something in life . Not that I have become 😉

work is in progress 🙂 to becoming !

Yeah ! What I meant was I was super interested , super ambitious but I was not willing to take actions to becoming what I desired. I would simply see the benchmarks and would wonder what magic wand they had to be what they are today. And I was looking for that magic wand , not wanting to do anything much but wanting it to happen . And that’s where I was failing and losing tracks , and would find myself standing in square one.

I wasn’t also happy to be in the square one condition , but I wasn’t willing to commit to my life or my career because that required showing up and stepping out and up from the comfort couch. I was awaiting for some magic to happen. Alas! I was becoming frustrated to death every passing day untill this realisation dawned upon me that I would have to choose commiting to my life no matter what.

When I was interested in becoming a life coach, I would take a break when I felt low or if someone criticised me , I wouldn’t work , or if someone disappointed me I would cancel the meeting or if my heart said let’s watch a movie , I would be cancelling or stopping what I was required to do . And then I would keep playing victim hood and playing the blame game of how each one and how each situation was responsible for my not able to do much in life or low achievements.

Please know, in the above mentioned scenario I was just interested in becoming the life coach. I wasn’t committed.

then I stopped one day and asked myself what’s stopping me from being what I wish to be . And I started studying people who have achieved success or have become the celebrities in their industries. What I got to know was that they all were taking of one common denominator for their grand and glorious success story. And that was COMMITMENT TO CREATING THEIR LIFE.

Though I didn’t understand what commitment meant in the first go . Nevertheless , something was shifting . I could see clearly that I wasn’t ready to confine to where I was and I was ready to make changes to be what I had always desired

hence I started studying about commitment . And what was I lacking in my space to stay committed

that’s when I knew the truth of successful people. That They ain’t blessed , they weren’t given some magic wand . But they committed themselves to what they desired to becomeni matter how tough the situations were , no matter how afraid they were, no matter how many times they failed , no matter how alone they stood , no matter … what , they were committed to what was supposed to be done moment by moment untill they became that. Nothing could shake them or deviate them from their purpose of life.

And that day I promised myself to get committed to my life, to creating my dream life, to inspire people to know that they know. And I started showing up and not wavering or changing paths just because something went wrong in other part of my life.

If I had thought to be somewhere , I would abide by. No matter what

and the day I started committing  , my life showed up magically the way I had always desired 😍 for I wasn’t operating from interest and I had closed all back Door deviating entries of blame, shame, embarrassment, guilt, hurt, anger , jealousy , fear etc . And stayed committed no matter what.

Commitement to life is about fulfilling your promises each moment of your life.

While in interest you would make excuses, commitment is excuse-free.

You earn success by commiting to excellence. 8B099524-6865-41D6-98BF-15024BF3CB14



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