I am a Wanderer in search of “who am I”. Following are the practises I undertook in this journey of knowing myself.

Certified Reiki Master, Angel and Tarot Reader, Certified Access Bars and Bodywork Practitioner, Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner, Certified Pranic Healer, Certified Angel Therapist & Facilitator, Dolphin Healing Transmission Practitioner.

Since childhood, i knew that there is something more , something greater which was possible, but always struggled to know how to access being that infinite possibility.

i literally spent years into questioning, wondering, what was that which i was asking for. jailed in my own walls of separations of self-judgments and limitations, i could only see dark.

despite of doing well in academics, and further in corporate life i had always been looking for more, after achieving one set of ask, i would feel – this is not it – there is something more – which would complete me, so i would dive into further milestones, do self-help books, do therapies, looking for someone who would predict my future, showing me the way out, doing energetic work like reiki, pranic, access consciousness, receiving facilitation, things started to shift gradually getting me into space and ease i had always looking for , and everything in my life started showing up the way i had been asking for as if by magic. each thing i was chosing to become more consciousness was now from the space of knowing whats true for me. what had happened in doing these therapies was the realisation, that it was not in achieving the milestones because others were doing so, instead it was about knowing the true capacity i was. and creating from that space of infinite possibilities. so yeah!

its about turning inwards and being in tune with your true essence. being present with who you are. living this life as who you are not by anyone else’s definition of how and what it should be lived like.

i now invite you to the same space of creation and generation which you had always been asking for.

are you willing to be you, the true you, the magic, the creator of your life and living.

join me in creating the new and different reality you and i know is possible.

so look forward to start this new journey with you

infinte loving gratitude,


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