Angel’s Message

Angels Message : August, 2017

Take out some moments. Relax . Start dropping all the weight as you breathe out. Breathe in and expand . Breathe out and let loose. Breathe in and be ease. Breathe out and be ease. Keep breathing in ease and breathing out ease till you start feeling more space and lightness. Awesome. Bask in this energy for as long as it feels light to you. Do this couple of times in day. And you will feel nurtured , rejuvenated through out the day



Angels Message : August, 2017

Feel our presence with you. We are right next to you . All you have to do is trust that we are there with you . Like you don’t see the air. You feel it . Same way , you might not be able to see us. But that doesn’t mean we ain’t there. We are very much there with you . Because you are our child. Whenever you would like to connect. Sit relaxed in a place . The idea is to relax yourself . Centre yourself by breathing. Keep breathing . Close your eyes . And feel us around . The trust in your feeling will rise with your practise each day . Like you workout to build your muscle each day . This is also the same way. Few minutes practice each day will build that trust in you that we are there for you , with you always . We love you . Your Angels . Looking forward to having you with us very soon . Is now that moment of connection. Are you now willing to build that companionship with us and with you ? Don’t wait . Connect with the trust in your heart. Connect with a knowing that we are with you. Love , Light and Power, Angels



Angels Message : August, 2017

Universe , creator , ascended masters, angels , your guides have your back . Follow your intuition , follow your purpose of life .


Angels Message : August, 2017

Are you willing to be you ? Are you willing now to express what your heart desires ? Are you now willing to be who you are in truth ? Are you willing to go beyond judgements so that you create the life you desire ? Are you willing to listen and follow your soul purpose ? Are you willing to create a new reality you know is possible ? Are you willing to speak up ?

Now is the time dear one: Be You

Speak up your truth . It will be heard because it’s the truth.

Truth doesn’t shy away . Truth doesn’t bend down . Truth stands high . Truth never gives up . Truth never gives in . Truth soars higher and higher

It’s time you speak up your truth .
Angels are having your back .




Angels Message : August, 2017

On this auspicious day of Janamashtami, each one of us is desiring to connect with Krishna , fasting , chanting to receive him completely . Angels are saying that when you go off your thoughts, feelings and emotions – it’s in that moment you can connect with yourself and then the Krishna. To meet Krishna , to be with Krishna , first and foremost step is to know and be who you are in truth. The moment you become you , You can feel the presence of the beloved Krishna. Feel his blessings showering on each cell of your being. Just invoke angels and tell them to send all your thoughts , feelings and emotions to light so that you be YOU and feel the presence of the loving energies of Krishna . Ask and you shall receive . Blessings to you on this special day .