Living life in 10 seconds increments


I had been living life as if I was run by a cybernetic system, each day I would get up cranky and would create so many resolutions to being the change. Would read books , watch motivational speakers talk about living life positively, wander to find out which course or book would give the direction to live a new reality which only I knew was possible . I was tired of being run on an automated mode and unable to change no matter how much I planned . All my energies would just end up in planning , and when it was time to execute I would sleep to sadness of wasting one more day. I didn’t realise that even then I was choosing more , untill I did start asking for more to show up from life , untill I started living in this now moment and choosing from the space of lightness in that moment , and there is no looking back. So much in gratitude of the choices I have made and are making .

Living in ten second increments means to be in present moment and live it to its fullest potential. No regrets on the choices you made in those ten seconds .

One of the ways to explore more on living ten seconds is being in question : if I had ten seconds to live the rest of my life what would I choose. Ask this and then go silent . Within sometime you will start choosing things which you really desire to choose but haven’t been able to choose and create because of your judgments, conclusions, limitations etc . When we stay in question , it opens up doors of Possibilities which never existed before. I use this question a couple of times every day and the way things show up is beyond explanation.

Play with this question : If I have ten seconds to live the rest of my life , what would I choose or create . And then don’t look for an answer . Just stay silent . Bask in the energy pervading the question and let the universe do the work to get it manifested for you.

Tools credit : Access Consciousness

Picture credit : Ekta Bhaskar


you create your reality

99.999999999 percent of the times, which means the entire life, we spend thinking and believing that if the people, situations, and events need to change in order for me and my life to get better. trust me that wont ever happen.

because our points of view create our reality.

our reality do not create our points of view.

what will it take for you to choose joy to create the joy of living. its about a choice

we can either choose to waste our time sulking of why its not working, or create something else with one step of being.

choose what you desire by changing your point of view and your reality will change.




Music & Dance – A divine way to Bring in Balance

While I was waking up,I was longing for some music.
And when I played Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s Raaga, a divine experience started pouring within. Felt like sharing. Discovered the easiest way to bring in balance with Music and Dance. Everyone’s favourite

Music is a form of potential energy, it helps you move inwards and draw energy from the super consciousness.
Music is Breathing In Peace, Bliss,Joy, Trust, Positivity


Dance is a form of kinetic energy, it helps you express outwards and release what is not required.
Dance is Breathing Out Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurities, Negativity.

Now why am I sharing this. What’s the purpose.

These two techniques if you would incorporate in your daily lives, I feel you can start feeling and living life meaningfully again( if it’s at halt)
If your life is moving in the right direction, you can add a lot of spice and zeal to it with these practises.

So what you have to do
The days you feel you have extra work, and less time , stress, a lot of anxiety , nervousness – listen to music
Because you are in action. Kinetic energy is in work. You are draining . You are losing your reservoirs. So tap into music and you will see drawing and storing your lost energy back into place.

The days you feel you have no work, you feel lonely, sad, depressed, low – turn the music on high notes and start jumping and dancing.
Because you are sitting idle. You have a n extra dosage of energy which is not utilised in right direction, hence it starts becoming toxic and creates nuisance. Making you feel unwanted and what not. Here you need to release . And what better way than dancing

Music and Dance – the divine way of bringing in balance.

Really feeling Grateful to Pandit Ji:)

Walk this walk to win it.

Winning walk with

sowing & reaping


Sowing and Reaping does not happen in one season. Everything has a gestation period. In between sowing and reaping is consistent nurturing, consistent loving and consistent patience.

How beautifully a mother nurtures, loves her baby for the long 270 days consistently and with patience before she actually sees and holds the baby in her hands.

Hold the new idea you want in your life until you hold it in your hands like the mother does , like the farmer does ..

Stay blessed 🙂

Maximise your potential

You are the master of your fate. And the tool is Thought.

Thought or a group of thoughts become beliefs or paradigms and they get stored on the rich fertile soil of your subconscious mind. Once they get laid there. Your life starts offering you experiences based on these paradigms which you created in your past. If they are not aligned to what you wish to get in your life. You can change them now. It’s simple. Just change your thoughts to ripe fruits of your taste and maximise your potential.

Steps to maximise your potential: Master Law of Attraction

1. Forget your past: it’s just a memory. It’s an experience stored in your mind. Nothing else. You get wavered when that past memory knocks you with it’s first thought and you get swayed with an array of thoughts of same situation integrated with intense feelings. In reality it’s no more there. Similar to memory of the dress you wore yesterday, the food you ate, that drive, these are all past memories, we give importance to some memories where someone did something to us, said something to us, some unhappy experience,  with repetitive thinking and by focussing relentlessly , we keep sticking to it and get swayed by it for hours, days without realising that we are not going to get anywhere no matter how long we think about it. So what’s the point. Stop it , forget it like you forgot how you brushed your teeth, how you reached your office. Stop wasting your time,effort, energy on what can’t come back. By focussing on your past, you are sowing seeds of more unlike , unhappy experiences.

2. Identify old paradigms: limiting beliefs which are held in your subconscious, responsible of what you think, act, do on daily basis.

3. Reverse with positive affirmations; Once you identify your old negative beliefs, it’s time to remove them and establish new positive beliefs aligned to your dreams with a set of new positive affirmation.

4. Elevate yourself at high energies: Love , Peace, Joy – these are feelings which elevate you to frequency of higher energies like excitement , euphoria, exhilarated

5. Gratitude: feel thankful for what you have, and it will multiply.


Take your call

It’s completely truly entirely in your hands; what you want to choose. We all have been gifted with samemind, no discrimination was done in terms of superiority or inferiority when we we gifted with the miraculous powers of conscious and sub conscious mind. Each one of us have the exactly same mind. What brought the differentiation – it was the POWER TO CHOOSE.

Riches chose abundance and Poor chose Misery. There is no limitation, it only exists in the minds of people who choose to be ignorant, who chose to believe that the magic does not exist, who have forgotten that the nature’s laws are universal and exist for each men, who chose to follow the herd and not trust the magical powers of law of attraction.

To all these men, I request to give it a try. To see how their lives can become abundant and happy, how they will attain their peace of mind with just believing in this secret – law of attraction.

It’s really simpłe and easy. Because we have been gifted with the power to choose.

You can choose to feel good now, or you can put it off another day,week, month or as longer as you wish to feel miserable. You have to choose.

if someone has said something not right, you have the power to choose between ignoring it and staying happy or keep thinking about it and feeling miserable. Anyway, feeling miserable wont take you anywhere, irrespective of time. Whereas, if you choose to let go, forget about it, it will save you so muchenergy. And yôu won’t be wasting your precious time on a memory which will never get altered or come back. Yòur won’t ever be ablè to change the past memory, because its gone. But what lies is the precious moment if now, which has the power to creatè the future of our wish. Don’t lose this moment, take charge and create your dream destiny. You havè got the power to choose.

And when we use this present moment and take charge to choose to feel great right now, law of attraction works, it takes our commànd as its orders, and return more happinessjoy in the future.

neverthelesss, if we chose to feel miserable now, law of attraction won’t have any choice but return more forms of misery in future. Because we have çhosen to focus on feeling sàd , thinking negative instead of taking charge and choosing abundance.

feeling good is your birthright. And feeling good now is what it’s all about. Feeling good now changes all of your tomorrow’s aligned to your dreams, wishes and needs.

It’s your call .

Take charge. You have got the power.

Change your thoughts to change your destiny. Best Wishes.

Thoughts become Things

I used to wonder why few are always happy and others grim. Why is there discrimination between people? Why ? Who is responsible for this difference – the individual or the God ? I kept on researching on this knowledge. I went berserk knowing this coveted knowledge.I followed numerous astrologers , numerologists, tarot readers, just to understand the secret behind success of those very few and the adversities of people who always lose no matter what. I was always inquisitive to know what is it that’s making all the difference. I started following authors, asking the gurus whom I was fortunate to meet, the wise men, I was just passionate to know this. Few said it is about karmas, few said its about charity , few mentioned its their fortune, few thought those lucky ones have bribed God. Nothing seemed to be satisfying my Soul. I kept on researching. And then one day I got to read about the law of attraction which said like attracts like.

I started reading more about this law. I followed people who are preaching this law, people who used this law to gift us all the infinite riches we are benefitting our lives from. And I cracked the hidden truth.

It said,

like attracts like

as within, so without

as below, so above

as you sow, so will you reap.

as the man thinketh, so he becomes

Thinking was doing all the wonders. The magic lied in the thinking process. I did a back calculation. It was so true. Before an action, we feel, before the feeling, we think, and we think based on our belief systems , belief systems again are formed based on thought patterns. So it’s is a cycle. Thought is succeeded by feeling and then comes the action.  So if we want to get success, we have to start from creating successful Thoughts. Whatever we are experiencing today, is a consequence of what we have thought in our past. Thoughts have a creative energy. They a a kind of vibration. When you think good thoughts, you are tuned on a positive vibration, which creates positive feelings,your aura gets energised, and hence you open the gates of more positivity to flow in your life.

If you find your life chaotic, check on the thought level. What kind of thoughts are you  creating. Only you are responsible for that chaos or peace. You are the master of your fate,  the captain of your Soul.

Dont blame God or the outer world for you are creating what you are experiencing.

remember, they are just thoughts. And thoughts an be changed.

Change your thoughts to change your world.