Is attaining peace conditional ?

Why many of us are living chaotic and stressful lives?

Who is responsible?

Whom would we like to put the blame on?

Is it to do with our society, our environment, our family, our education system, our outside World ? Majority of the population would without giving a second thought, put the blame on the former list? Some would blame their parents, some would say the environment they were born and brought up holds the credit, others would just simply criticise the norms of society, and so on. And in a way if thought carefully, these men are right, as that’s how they were conditioned , that’s what they have seen, they have heard, that’s they are experiencing, that’s what comes under observation, and that is what our education systems are teaching and demanding. Everywhere it is believed that Stress is normal, without tension we won’t be able to deliver. Stress is created to get things delievered on time through repetitive worrying, expression of anger, feeling of competition. Stress has become second ñature. We are becoming victims of victims.

How do we bring peace into our life? Wo will come and help the society change the norms? Where do we go to find peace? What is peace?

The given meaning of peace is freedom from disturbance, and being quiet.

Now, we shall first know what disturbance is this definition talking about in order to get rid of it.

is it the chaos of the outside World ? Is it the friction between countries,religions, cultures, societies, or people?


is it to do with the inside World? The chaos within ME?

Let’s assume its the chaos of outside World, then why the statistics of mental illnesses have seen growing graphs in the last 5 years inspite of so many peace summits taking place, so many new healing techniques are being introduced each day? Why? Angels like kindergarten kids are talking about stress,anxiety,tension in their day to day lives? This mental and emotional chaos is raging the Whole World inspite of introduction of the best of medicines,technology, science, healing techniques, religious talks, spirituality knowledge, peace summits, etc. ?


Till an year back, I was longing for peace. I made all the attempts to change this outside World, to change every person around me according to my convenience so that i can be peaceful untill the day I realised that the chaos was inside me. It was within me.  I had the friction within myself. I was responsible to not experience the peace. And awareness came,I had  to get free from the disturbance within my inner World

then I started researching on this inner World. I was awakened to know that my mind which is the faculty of me, which is responsible for creating the thoughts, was not in my control. This mind horse was pulling me and taking me to any direction which  it wanted to take. And without any knowledge, I was going its way. Being a soul, and being aware of  my inherent nature in the backlog of my subconscious mind, I was madly longing for peace in the outside World – presuming that I would get peace when I will lock myself in a room, I will be peaceful when I dont talk to anyone, I will experience peace when everything in my life will go smooth and seamless. I will be peaceful when x,y,z will be there. I put the conditions on my state of peace with this x,y,z.

peace in simple language is the state of mind. When the mind is free from disturbance of negative,waste,casual,unproductive thoughts. And being an energy/ spirit or soul , my inherent nature is of peace. I can be peaceful even if I am sitting in a crowd of thousands of people. And I can’t be peaceful even if I am sitting alone in the valleys of Himalayas looking at its beauty. Because peace is your state of mind. It is eternal . It is not conditional. It is within . It is not outside.

Experience peace by working on yòur thoughts. Sit back relaxed. And let the thoughts pass through your mind. Don’t bother on the type of thoughts. Just watch them and you will find them disappear one by one. 90 percent of our thoughts today are thoughts of worries of rewinding the past to correct it and fears of what will happen in future. And in this process, we miss this moment . The moment to experience peace. The moment to awaken to create the destiny we desire. Live in the moment and take charge of this moment to create thoughts which are powerful,positive and peaceful. And the law of attraction will start working to give you alike  Experiences.

Please remember your thoughts have the creative power. And YOU HAVE GOT THE POWER TO CHOOSE.


Change your thoughts to Change yòur World.



The Flying Sikh and The Power of Visualisation

We all shall extend our since gratitude to the director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and writer Prasoon Joshi for inspiring the new generation to turn their dreams into reality by bringing forth Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, near- flawless bio-pic of The Flying Sikh – world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh, who overcame the massacre of his family, civil war during the India-Pakistan partition, and homelessness to become one of India’s most iconic athletes.

The film starts in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, where a coach says “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!”, and the story is taken back to memories of the young boy which haunted him, where he visualises the traumatic killing of his parents, the locals of Punjab residing in Pakistan, due to the chaos caused during the partition. Milkha who was about to win, loses the race and gets dropped to fourth because of the visuals which lowered down his energy levels, resulting in slow-down of his physical pace on the track.

This power of visualisation follows law of attraction. With the wrong visuals, he lost the Rome Olympics in 1960. Nevertheless, the right imagination of pictures and movie before the event helped him perform what he wanted to. He trained his mind with the end result he wanted from his race even before starting it.

And this power of visualisation assisted him in earning “The Flying Sikh” title by the commander of Pakistan in the Friendly race,between India and Pakistan.

Before we learn how Milkha used this power to become the World Champion Runner, it is important to understand What exactly is the power of visualisation. How it can be used to achieve what we desire in our lives.

Visualisation is imagining exactly what you want. When you visualise, you ask for the experience, your mind believes that it’s real, and you radiate that thought to the Universe, which creates the attraction for you to receive in your life. Visualisation is seeing and believing what you are passionate about.    whatever we do , it starts from thought. While we think a thought, our mind simultaneously creates images or pictures aligned to these thoughts, and together thought and image drench us into a feeling of the results virtually. We start feeling excitement,fun, happiness, bliss if we are thinking good thoughts merged with positive images before the event and eventually when the time arrives for the real play, our bodies are well trained to give the desired results.

Milkha joined army to marry Biro, and to live a dignified life with her. And he is introduced to the race organised by his camp, winning which he will be offered a glass of milk and two eggs. Enough for him to get inspired to win the race. He gets tired and sits midway, but fortunately, his friend reminds him of the milk, visualising which he runs and outperform the rest to come in top ten and gets selected for service commission. In this race, his inspiration was to wear the Indian blazer by winning this race, and visualising him wearing this blazer, energies him to smash the National record.

After losing the Melbourne Olympic, he asks his coach to write the World record for 400 meter on a paper. Using this as a visualisation board, he started practising. Every day he would see this paper and train his mind to achieve this target in predetermined duration. And he one after the another started winning the races and set a world record of 45.8 seconds in France, shortly before the Rome Olympics in the 1960.

Milkha before every race visualised the actual race well ahead of time. He vividly imagined taking every stroke, every step, every leap, every muscle exertion at the pre-decided speed to beat the World record.

It is depicted clearly in BMB that Milkha beforehand instructed his mind the exact speed at which he would be covering the 400 meter track and his body followed the instructions fed by his mind once he actually ran on Field. This happened because the mind and body got so well trained to act in unison that it became  like second nature… And ultimate performance was virtually assured.

Remember that your thoughts and your visions have the creative power, to bring to you whatever you desire. But the effort is to stay aligned with the like thoughts and images of your dreams as clearly as possible. They should not be limited by any kind of doubts or inhibitions. With your imagination you can magnetise infinite source of riches. don’t let this miraculous creative thought and visuals power go waste. Use it to get your dream.

lf you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 1 – “What did they?”

Verse 1

Dhritrashtra said:

“On the holy plain of Kurukshetra (dharamshetra kurukshetra), when my offspring and the sons of Pandu had gathered together, what did they, O Sanjaya?”

First and foremost, it is important to understand that this battle mentioned in  Verse 1 of Bhagavad Gita was introduced by the great rishi Vyasa who blessed Sanjaya to see from a distance the events unfolding at the battlefield and narrate to the blind Dhritrashtra. So one should expect this verse to be in the present tense whereas the verse is intentionally narrated in the past tense of the verb( What did they?), this comes up as a hint to all of us that the Gita is referring this historical battle in Kurukshetra as an allegory. In true sense, Vyasa is referring to a righteous battle that rages everyday in one’s life, where one asks the impartial introspection to analyse the thoughts created by one’s mind through the day. Who won the battle between the negative and positive thoughts?

Had the great rishi wished to unfold the events as they were taking place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he would have had the Dhritrashtra speak to the messenger Sanjaya in the present tense : ” My children and the Pandu sons – what are they doing now?

Hence, we must learn that this is just a metaphoric enquiry made by an aspirant every night by his impartial introspection to.assess who is leading the battle , the positive thought forces – sons of Pandu or the negative thought forces – offspring of Dhritrashtra?

Ask yourself every night – who is winning on your battlefield – the good or the evil, the winner will reign and dictate your life and will bring to you the experiences of its dynasty. If negative thoughts have dominated your battlefield, you will experience more negative situations/things/people ruling your life.

And if you are oozing positive thoughts you will experience abundance and infinite riches following your life.

So, before sleeping, clear your daily account, by asking the following questions

who was leading between

  • Good and Bad tendencies
  • discipline or indulgence
  • modesty or the ego
  • knowledge or Ignorance
  • love or hatred
  • compassion or indifference
  • self-belief or doubt

As above , So below

As within, So without

Create your World through your thoughts. You are creator of your life. You are the powerhouse. Only you have the power and the key to change your World.


Powers of the sleeping mind

In the previous post, I mentioned that we have two unique functional parts within our mind, the one is the conscious mind or the active mind and the other is the subconscious mind or the sleeping mind.

When the conscious mind is active, the subconscious mind sleeps and vice versa. The conscious mind gives the power to accept or reject the thoughts based on our upbringing, value system, past life assimilated thinking and  our outside environment factors. Whereas, the subconscious or the sleeping mind only accepts whatever has been dished by the conscious. Like an obedient man, it simply accepts, it doesn’t question your inputs in terms of thoughts or images. It will start working on the inputs we are sending time and again whether constructive or destructive without argument and gives us the results in terms of what we experience in our daily lives.

It is very important to understand that we are the creator. Like a gardener, we plant seeds of thoughts on the most fertile soil of our subconscious mind that in return will produce all kinds of fruits – sour or sweet depends on the type of seed we have sown.

Thought is a cause and experience is an effect.

Please remember

be it success or failure

be it dependence or independence

be it illness or perfect health

be it love or hatred

you have created whatever you have. You have the power to change it too, because remember, these are just thoughts and they can be changed.

Transform your life by changing your thoughts.

The Hidden Wisdom

To gain this knowledge you would have to sit in silence with yourself one day and that day you will meet yourself, your true identity, and you will be amazed knowing the infinite powers hidden within yourself. You will realise that you were searching outside for what was within yourself.

You will realise that you are the treasure house. You are a energy. You are the creator. You are a soul. You are complete.

Like a driver drives the car. So are you driving this body. You are a charioteer and this body is chariot.

It is extremely important to understand how I, the soul or spirit, drives this body. We all know how our bodies function through its organs. So shall we learn the faculties of soul which in reality are driving this body.

We are aware Brain – the most complex organ controls the overall functioning of our body. In similar fashion, mind is the faculty of spirit. It is the mind which assists our brain in controlling all the functions of our body. Our mind creates the thoughts , intellect takes the decision and then sends messages to brain to act on the thoughts created by us. Without the mind, brain is futile.

We all have heard that we have two minds, one is the conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind.

And the hidden wisdom is to explore the power of your subconscious mind as it holds the infinite riches.

Your subconscious mind is the magical wand. You only have to believe in it’s powers. Because to believe in the way your mind works, is to believe in belief itself.

Draw everything you need from this subconscious mind powerhouse to live your life abundantly and peacefully.

Think in your subconscious mind the thoughts of glory, joy and abundance, and so will your destiny hold for you.

Change your thoughts to Change your World.

The Everlasting Quest: Who Am I?

The 21st century has gifted mankind the most advanced technologies, growing independence and wealth, making the common man’s life extremely easy, so easy that everything happens with a click of the finger. Yet, we run short of time, forget others, even for ourselves. We are all chasing something madly every day, all week, all month, all year and all our lives. And comes the moment, when we sit back and our inner quest starts triggering to discover the reality, to seek the truth, and understand the very basic question – Who AM I?

Let’s go step by step to understand the basic yet the most important question

Am I Mr./Ms. XYZ?

Am I a doctor/engineer/entrepreneur?

Am I a Daughter/Sister/Wife/Mother?

No. You are not. The moment you were born, you did not have any name, your profession tag got added much later, your relationships too kept growing with time but YOU existed in those first few moments.

So, who are you? this body – no, it is your instrument, you never say me body, instead you say my body, my hands, my legs, etc. I am different from this body. This body is my instrument. I am an energy which uses this instrument to create thoughts, which leads to actions and hence results.

I am the spirit. I have all the energies to get abundance in my life. I am complete. I have all the powers to tap the untapped. I am a magnet.

Ask YOURSELF – Who are You? Repeat the question over and over again till you get to the point.

You have unlimited power within you. It is just about realizing it. Stop for a minute and awaken to realize the hidden potential lying in your inner world.